San Francisco Terrain
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Looks like a painting,
Feels like a sculpture,
Reads like a map.

What It is
Is a 4th dimensional
Abstract Expressionist
sculpted painting
that reads like a space map.

If you try finding
the space key,
You'll have to look
Here in the City Limits
of San Francisco, the City
we love.

-Jack Hirschman,
San Francisco Poet Laureate

Framed with Hanging System
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Details: 10.5 x 10.5 inch gypsum tile depicting the topography of the city limits of San Francisco.

San Francisco Terrain ©
Framed with Hanging System

San Francisco Terrain ©
Framed with Hanging System
on Stand

SF Terrain Detail
Recently approved, and purchased, by the San Francisco Mayor's Office of Protocol, as gifts for visiting Dignitaries.

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Conor Fennessy
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